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i know tradition is that the bride throws her bouquet. but it is so special and i was hoping to preserve it. what can i do?

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you’ll be happy to know that you can stick with tradition and keep your bouquet too! nearly all of my brides have face this dilemma and i have always given them the same advice. have two bouquets- one to toss and one to keep for yourself. ask your florist to put together a smaller bouquet with the same flowers, so that it looks identical to the bouquet you walk down the aisle with. this is the one that you’ll throw to all of the single ladies.

to keep the “twin” bouquet fresh during your ceremony you simply keep the stems in a small container of water. when your ceremony is finished, grab the bouquet you’re going to toss and replace it with your real bouquet. no one will know the difference as they scramble to catch the bouquet in hopes of becoming the next bride!



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tips to look great in your wedding photos

there is a very simple secret to knowing which angles most compliment you in a photograph.

practice different poses in your mirror. this will be time well spent and you’ll learn how you look your best. is your left profile more flattering than your right profile? try out different angles and test several facial expressions.

ask a friend to shoot a few pictures of you in different poses. if your wedding and reception are outdoors, then take photos outside at approximately the same time. once you see the photos, you will be able to tell very quickly which angles are most flattering.

if you have any doubts, meet with your photographer. show him the photos that your friend took and discuss the lighting and angles you like most. together you can discuss your ideal list of shots and how he can get them for you.

the day before your wedding, relax. this is an exciting time. be with your dear friends or family. if possible, get a massage or take a bath. relax and concentrate solely on yourself. it will truly have an impact on the way you look and feel.


how to choose the right hair and makeup

when it comes to hair and make-up, it’s never too early to try out different looks. i always recommend having someone do your hair and make-up for you. it is money well spent. find a make-up artist and hairstylist that you feel comfortable with. talk to friends, get referrals. was your girlfriend’s hair and make-up stunning on her wedding day? who did she use? these professionals know exactly what to do to make you beautiful in a way that suits your gown and brings out your features, naturally.

  • make an appointment to do a practice run with your make-up artist. ask him/her to teach you how to do your own touchups for the reception. take a friend with you so that you can get a second opinion.
  • look in magazines to get ideas on hairstyles that you like, and then meet with your hairstylist to experiment with different looks. if you always wear your hair down, maybe you will want to wear it up, or curl it. be careful of trying to duplicate someone else’s look; you want to look special but not totally different. two weeks before your wedding day, bring your headpiece to your stylist so that the two of you can finalize your total look.
  • for those of you who are considering a dramatic change in your hair color or style, i recommend that you meet with your hairstylist and discuss the options. it is best to save any big changes until after the wedding.


beauty preparation for the bride

every bride wants to look radiant for her wedding. the secret to looking relaxed and beautiful starts months before. begin by following a regime of rest and relaxation. take time out to pamper yourself. enjoy the day-to-day planning. what will make you shine is being calm and taking each day as it comes.

a month or two before your wedding is the time to start pampering yourself, at least once a week.

  • indulge in a luxurious manicure and a pedicure every week. people will be looking at your wedding ring, so you’ll want to feel confident that your nails are beautiful. the longer you give yourself to condition your nails, the more beautiful they’ll look on your wedding day.
  • enjoy a long, sumptuous facial and get a full body massage. be cautious about changing any beauty or facial products if you have sensitive skin.
  • if you are thinking of having your teeth whitened, talk with your dentist. this is typically done two months before your wedding. for final teeth cleaning, plan on doing this two weeks prior.
  • if exercise is your “sanity savior“, then continue your routine. maybe do yoga or meditate. my only caution is to be careful of any new classes where you may strain yourself. i highly recommend a daily ten-minute walk with music you love.
  • visit a place that will relax you: a lovely garden, a local park or a tranquil place in your own home – perhaps your tub where you can soak in epsom salts.
  • eat well, drink plenty of water (eight glasses if you can), and try to have a least two fruits a day. remember, health = beauty.
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